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1380 - It is assumed that Schrems Brewery is founded around this time.

1410 - Schrems brewery is mentioned for the first time in a document. The brewery remains undamaged during the series of devastating fires that engulf Schrems and is thus the oldest building in the town. It is now listed as a historical building.

1753 - The former owner of the dominion, Count von Falkenhayn, sells the brewery to Blasius Freyler for 950 gulden. 1764 - Johann Anderl purchases the brewery for 1,300 gulden. It is later passed on to his son Johann Georg. 1811 - Wolfgang Wagner buys the brewery for 4,500 gulden; JAKOB TROJAN is, however, able to purchase the brewery for 10,200 gulden on 27 June, 1838.

1875 - THEODOR TROJAN takes over the brewery from his father and builds a new storage cellar and brews lager beer for the first time ever. 1904 - 1906 - THEODOR TROJAN builds a brewery, which is revolutionary for the time, on the current site and starts operating in 1906.

1907 - KARL THEODOR TROJAN takes over the brewery from his father and safeguards the survival of the brewery through two world wars and economic crises despite experiencing great difficulties and ever-changing developments. 1957 - DI KARL JOHANN TROJAN then takes over the brewery from his father and puts his all into building the business back up into a modern and highly-productive enterprise after the many difficulties experienced during the war.

1991 - Schrems brewery has been owned by DI Karl Theodor Trojan since 1991. Schrems brewery has since stood its ground against the international brewery conglomerates due to its consistent quality policy.

The "producers' cooperative of the organic Waldviertel region" is founded in 1995. Since then, barley for brewing beer at Schrems has only been purchased from farmers from the organic Waldviertel region. This not only contributes towards protecting the climate and the environment, but also ensures that Schrems brewery receives an excellent raw material for its beer. A steady flow of investments into all areas of the brewery guarantee the high standards of the beer specialities manufactured by Schrems brewery now and also in the future. And there are also a great many innovative products, too: The "Schremser Ostarrichi Pils" sets new standards in beer design and a new Austrian style of beer is created with the "Schremser Roggen" (rye beer). "Hochland Honigbier" (highland honey beer), "Hanfbier" (hemp beer) and "Schremser Naturparkbier" (Schremser natural park beer) cement Schrems brewery's reputation of providing authentic niche products.

The sales area is simultaneously extended with partners from the specialist drinks industry. Beer from Schrems is now sold in Vienna as well as in the provinces of Lower Austria and Burgenland and is being enjoyed by more and more beer aficionados every day. In an annual average, Schrems brewery is therefore able to guarantee 35 secure jobs.

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